Academic Leadership

As an Assistant Professor of Architecture and chair of the third year at Istanbul Bilgi University, I am dedicated to transforming academic institutions through innovative leadership. Over the past decade, I’ve been a catalyst for positive structural changes within my institution, focusing on fostering interdisciplinary connections between theory and practice in the curriculum.

My leadership philosophy is grounded in inclusivity, collaboration, and tangible societal impact. Prioritizing input from faculty members and nurturing partnerships with local communities, the collaborative environments I oversee provide a platform for diverse perspectives to thrive. s the chair of the third year, I’ve facilitated project-based collaborations between our bachelor program and the private and public sectors, empowering students to tackle real-world challenges. In the studios I coordinate, I emphasize student growth through teamwork, hands-on learning, and an inspiring atmosphere that nurtures social engagement and creative exploration.

Explore my Academic Leadership portfolio below to discover a decade of transformative initiatives shaping institutions and fostering collaboration.

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